The #1 Thing All Couples Need In Their Marriage

    The #1 Thing All Couples Need In Their Marriage - just a military family - The key to keeping your marriage together and to cope with the disappointments. So my husband came home the other day and said, “Hey I bought you something.”  I got all excited and had all these great ideas in my head of what he could have surprised me with.  He walks in and holds up a shirt.  It is a squadron shirt.  A squadron shirt that is 3 times too big.  I said thank you, but I questioned the size situation.  He responded by saying that he thought it could just be a night shirt.  Interesting thinking on his part.  I express that I would like a squadron shirt that I could wear to squadron events and asked if he could exchange it for a smaller size one.  This is where the truth of “my gift” comes out.

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    Military Life

    Bittersweet Deployment Homecoming


    Toward the end of my husband’s deployment I really had fear and anxiety over the idea of him coming home.  Homecoming was bittersweet feelings for me.  Our Korea homecoming was extremely difficult and hard, so I was nervous that the same homecoming was ahead.  (Korea homecoming is a whole other story!)  During the deployment, I learned that I could do this parenting and life all on my own.  I could see myself being ok if he wasn’t at home.  I developed my own routine, hung out with friends, and had my own life essentially.  There were bad days that I wanted him home and wanted the whole deployment to be over but there were more good days than bad.  So the idea of him coming home made me uneasy.  A part of me wanted him home and another part of me did not.

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    When Did My Baby Become a Boy?


    When Did My Baby Become a Boy? - Just A Military Family

    This weekend I was sitting and watching something on TV; I don’t remember what it was but nothing important I am sure.  I look over and my son is playing with a soccer ball, and he just looked so tall.  I look over and tell my husband, “Wow, he is not a baby anymore but as grown into a boy.” It was like I was seeing him for the first time in years.

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    InstaStyle Tuesday #3 – Fall Fashion

    InstaStyle Tuesday #3 - Just A Military Family

    Fall fashion under $100 is my jam!  I love a good deal for less! So another week of Instagram fall styles have gone by.  Of course, all the outfit details are listed.  All pieces are either under $100 or have under $100 options.

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