The Importance of Parents in Schooling & Modeling Behavior

    The Importance of Parental Involvement in Schooling and Modeling Behavior - just a military family

    How important is parental involvement in their child’s schooling?  In my opinion, it is VERY important!  Your children learn so many things from you.  Parents model both negative and positive behavior to their children everyday!  Think for a moment, where or how would you like to see your child when they are 20 years old?  Think, how are they going to get there?

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    Fall Tradition – Pumpkin Patch

    I think everyone went to the pumpkin patch this weekend!  Going to the pumpkin patch is our family fall tradition we do each year.  This year was a little different though, Little Man was just not into it as much this year.  He just wanted to get his pumpkin and go.  I had to coax him into checking out the other things there.

    Pumpkin Patch - just a military family

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    Military Life

    Military Spouse Confession-I Get Angry When He Leaves

    Military Spouse Confession: I Get Angry When He Leaves - just a military family

    So I have a confession, I get angry at my husband when he has to leave.  Not only do I get angry at him when he has to leave, but I don’t tell him it is because he has to leave.  Also, I get annoyed at him easier for things when he is gone. Let me explain.

    I guess I get angry at him for having to leave because I just don’t want him to go.  I would rather have him here with me.  I know it is not his fault he has to leave but I blame him.  Instead of being sad, I get mad at him.

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    Life Lessons & Tips

    The 5 Best Cooking Tips for Non-Cooks

    The Best 5 Cooking Tips For Non-Cooks - just a military family - Not a cook? Find out the best ways to become a better cook.

    The best 5 cooking tips for the non-cook!  Cooking can be overwhelming but it does not have to be.  These tips can turn any non-cook into a cook!

    1.Plan your meals in advance.  Know what you are going to make for the whole week and plan when you will cook them.  If you are not a cook then thinking of meals on the fly can be difficult.  I know for myself if I do not have a meal plan then I will eat out more because I cannot think of something to make.  Let alone think of something to make with the things that are in my pantry and fridge.

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    5 on Friday

    5 Ways I Know I am Getting Old

    5 Ways I Know I am Getting Older - just a military family - I still feel young and 21 but society is telling me different.

    1.I feel like I am 21 till I am around someone who is 21, then I am like, nope not 21!

    2. I know I am getting old when I talk to a younger person who does not know what it is like to grow up without social media.  I feel old when I tell someone Facebook did not exist until I was a sophomore in college, and then it was only for college students.  To join Facebook you had to have a edu email.  A young person is dumbfounded by this bit of information!

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