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Finding Contentment In Military Life

Finding Contentment in Military Life

Finding contentment in the ever-changing, fast pace military life is not easy.  It is easy to get wrapped up in constantly looking toward the future, and planning for the next. But what happens when all the storms are over, and only calm seas are ahead?

We have been at our duty station for 3 years now, and the moving bug is really hitting me!  I am anxious for the next.  In fact, as I think back I am frequently living my life for the next.  Finding contentment in this ever changing military life is difficult to achieve when you become use to the fast pace of change. Now that things have quieted down and nothing is really going on right now for us, I am anxious for change.  I see people moving and things happening for them, and I find myself wishing for orders to move to.  I am ready for our next adventure, our next new location to explore, and to create new memories in a new place.

I am not accustom to slowing down and enjoying the here and now.  Usually things are go, go, go and there always seem to be upcoming changes up ahead.  Right now the next is unknown, and it feels very strange.

I am trying to slow down, and enjoy life where I am right now.  I am not going to lie though it is difficult for me.  While, we still have events and things going on, it is not the same as upcoming orders, deployments, TDYs, or vacations.  There are no big changes in sight and the bug is getting to me.

In order to overcome my “bug” I am taking things day by day, and trying to enjoy the calm.  I am trying to stay content in the now instead of constantly planning and looking toward the future.  I can’t keep living my life in the future or I will miss all the great in the present.  I will allow to let life total pass me by and then I will wonder where my life went.

So, I am trying to be thankful for the calm.  Enjoy each day.  Take things day by day.  Be thankful for where I live now.  Be thankful for no deployments or TDYs, and keep myself in the present.


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