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The Secret to Creating Blog Goals - just a military family

Another month has ended and I have been analyzing how my blog is progressing and where I would like to see my blog go.  I am focusing on creating blog goals to help push myself and my blog to the next level.

One goal I have created is to be more consistent with blog content.  I want to post relevant, quality content on the same days each week.  I have realized that I need to write content more so in advance so I can ensure I get my posts out there when I want.  Things happen and come up and sometimes I find I do not always get a post written for the next day like I want or have planned.

Another goal I have created for myself and for blogging is to be more engaged with other blogs and social media.  I want to set time out each day to read other blogs and connect with other blogs and bloggers.  One of my first goals when I first started blogging was to connect with others, and I have let that get away from me.

The secret to creating blogging goals is so keep the goals to only a few and realistically achievable. I have only set 2 goals for myself this month.  I think it is important for goals to be achievable, and if I create too many goals for November then no goals with be accomplished.  I will become overwhelmed with all the things I have to do, and nothing will get accomplished. So for the month of November I am taking a step back and getting back to the basics of blogging.

Setting blog and blogging goals is important to keep focused on what is important to me and my blog in order to achieve what I want from blogging.  Goals are important for any blog and blogger. No matter what the reason for blogging, goals help you stay focused and motivated.  I am excited for November and to see where my blog will go!


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