About Our Family

Tanksley- Fall 2014-25-2

We have been a military family for 8 years. My husband is active duty Air Force, and while military life is not always easy, it is rewarding. Through this life, I have learned more things about myself that I would otherwise never have learned.  I found strength in myself that I never knew existed!  I found where my priorities in life lie.  I found my strengths and weaknesses.  I learned what it truly means to rely on your spouse.  I have also learned how to rely on others outside of my family.  Above all, I have learned to find myself in the midst of my husband’s career.

We have moved five times in eight years.  For many military families this is normal.  By the 3rd move, one develops the motto, “If we have not used it in a year, then get rid of it.”  While moving around is just a part of our way of life, there are many times where I feel like I just want to put roots down and stop moving.  At least when we finally do, I will know exactly what I need, don’t need, and want in our FOREVER home.

We live a life of constant change; friends come and go, deployments, TDY’s, traveling, job changes, etc.  In all of the change we find stability (somehow), and have created our lives, our family.  We are just a typical, normal military family.



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