Fall Family Pictures

    There are so many great things about fall and having our family portraits taken is one of them!  We do this every year, and I always love how they all turn out.  I have been so lucky to find such a talented photographer at our duty station who has been taking our pictures for 3 years now!  She is moving this year, and I will be terribly sad when she leaves!!  She has become a close friend to me and I really hate to see her and her family leave!  She has been very patient with us over the years!  Sometimes working with us is not always easy!  None of us are naturally photogenic, and we are natural eye blinkers!  I may need her to take one more family session before she leaves!  It will be very hard to replace her and her talents!
    Fall Portraits - just a military family

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    Military Life

    Finding Contentment In Military Life

    Finding Contentment in Military Life

    Finding contentment in the ever-changing, fast pace military life is not easy.  It is easy to get wrapped up in constantly looking toward the future, and planning for the next. But what happens when all the storms are over, and only calm seas are ahead?

    We have been at our duty station for 3 years now, and the moving bug is really hitting me!  I am anxious for the next.  In fact, as I think back I am frequently living my life for the next.  Finding contentment in this ever changing military life is difficult to achieve when you become use to the fast pace of change.  Continue reading

    Blogging Resources

    Creating Blogging Goals

    The Secret to Creating Blog Goals - just a military family

    Another month has ended and I have been analyzing how my blog is progressing and where I would like to see my blog go.  I am focusing on creating blog goals to help push myself and my blog to the next level.

    One goal I have created is to be more consistent with blog content.  I want to post relevant, quality content on the same days each week.  I have realized that I need to write content more so in advance so I can ensure I get my posts out there when I want.  Things happen and come up and sometimes I find I do not always get a post written for the next day like I want or have planned.

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    Saying No to Family During the Holidays

    Saying No To Family During the Holidays -just a military family

    When my husband and I were new into his career and we lived about 12 hours away from family we were always torn about how we were spending our holidays.  Of course, family wanted us to come see them and time would have to be split between his family and mine.  Then it became a question of where are we actually going to spend Thanksgiving and where are we going to be on Christmas.   Continue reading


    25 Sweaters Under $25

    Fall is here and temperatures are starting to drop!  It is officially sweater weather!  I love wearing big, comfy, oversized sweaters during the fall and winter.  Being on a tight military budget, it is nice to find sweaters at a bargain price!  This time of year I live in sweaters;  I cannot have enough of them! These are some of my favorite ones, enjoy!

    25 Sweaters Under 25 - just a military family

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